Virginia Bluebells at Bull Run

As we are coming up on living in VA for nearly two years I had never heard of the Bluebell trail just a 25 minute drive from our house. I was stalking people on Instagram and came across some photos of the lovely Bluebells at a near by park. I made my way over the very next day.

I had only been to the Bull Run park once before but had no idea how huge it actually was. 

We stopped in a few places where we saw Bluebells. Pretty, but I wasn't finding as many as I had seen online.

After maybe 15 minutes of driving we finally found a sign for Bluebell trail parking. Dave wasn't feeling too well, so I started off on my own.

As I started on the trail my heart sank a bit, only seeing faint white flowers every where, only with the occasional little batch of bluebells. 

I was thinking I was too late and had missed out on them. But I continued on, following the blue markers on the trees from time to time. 

After nearly 15 minutes of walking I could see them in the distance, tons and tons of bluebells!! They thickly lined a river, as far as I could see! 

I was nearly out of light at this point, it had taken longer to get to them than I had expected, but I still got some really love shots.

So glad I got the chance to see them! I am loving every second of Spring!

If you want to see all the photos I took I uploaded them all on Flickr!

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