Florida | May 2015 | Day 6

Thursday we had a few things planned to do, so we tried to leave the house somewhat early and we made our way over to St. Petersburg. I'm sure it's an expensive area, but that place is so nice! 

I was interested in going to Sunken Gardens, a 100 year old garden, but it was so hot, it's gross to be outside unless you are in, or at least near the water. So we decided to go to the Salvador Dali Museum. It was pretty pricey to get in. And I didn't see it on their site, but it was also $10 for parking. Boo. But I'm pretty sure it's the first fancy art museum I have ever been to. It was pretty cool to see it all. 

Dave had seen some of his work on his mission in Spain, as the biggest collection of his work is there, where he was from.

We had about an hour at the museum before we had to leave for a dolphin tour we had booked. Since we had only gotten to see about half of the museum, we decided to come back after seeing the dolphins.

We made it to the dolphin tour just in time. Eeek! But it was really fun. I had bought a Groupon before our trip for like $16 for the two of us, so it was really cheap. I think normally they charge like $25. We didn't see quite as many dolphins as I had hoped. If I had paid the full price I think I would have been pretty disappointed. But since it was so cheap it wasn't a big deal. Still fun times. Poor Dave was wearing a very low SPF lotion and we forgot to bring his hat. So his face was pretty burned after the tour. Sorry Bear!

After that, back to the museum to finished the other half of it. The second half was more impressive as the first half didn't have very much real art, just prints and recreations, kinda lame. It was certainly good we took the chance to come back for the rest, especially with how much we paid!

I was pretty hungry at this point so Dave and I decided to check out their cafe. Dave was excited to see they had lots of items he was familiar with from his mission in Spain. We tried a Spanish Tortilla which had egg, onion, and potato in a flaky crust. Something called Break Bread, which was a soft and warm loaf of bread with seasoned almonds, olives, and a cheesy pesto dipping sauce. And finally, Crema Catalana, which was basically Crème brûlée, but with a hint of lemon. All very yummy. I think we would go back for the food alone!

As we were heading out it started getting very very busy, which I thought was a little weird as they were 30 minutes from closing time. Then I remembered on the website it said it's only $10 at 5. And parking was free as well. So if you want to be cheap go just before closing at 5, like everyone else apparently! But if you do a audio tour you won't have time to finish even half of it I don't think.

That evening we had dinner with Dave's family and the Elders in their ward. One was from Highland UT and a month or so from going home. The other was from Mozambique and had only been out in the mission field for about 3 weeks. He was still working on learning English! 

All in all it was a very fun day! 

Here's the video for the day! These videos are so fun to make and will be so fun to look back on!

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