Florida | May 2015 | Day 7

Friday was a pretty lazy day at the beach. I have been wanting to wake up early to hunt for seashells but I can never seem to drag myself out of bed. Oh well, I'm on vacation. I can do what I want! 

We left the house at about 10 and decided to head out to the beach.

We stopped at a shop that caught our eye near the beach called The Sea Hagg. The place had been open for nearly 17 years and was just this crazy and awesome antique store. Lots of cool stuff.

These guys creep me the heck out! 

I was obsessed with this art! 

Off to the beach. We drove a ways down the beach, wanting find a new place to go.

The sand wasn't quite as nice as the other beaches but the water was much more clear and a bit colder, rather than the warm bathtub like feel the beaches we have been to so far this week feel like.

Once we were nice and red (our skin that is) we decided to hunt around for a place for lunch. 
We decided on a place right on the water and got a seat with a nice view.

I got their grilled chicken with a fresh fruit salsa. Very yummy. 
Dave got a Mahi-Mahi sandwich. I almost wish I had gotten what he had. As always. LOL

Oh and the yummy coconut shrimp we shared.

After that we went home to clean up after getting sandy and salty at the beach. I love the beach my hair sure holds onto the salt and sand since my hair is so thick!

We just relaxed for a little while, the sun sure does wear on you! And then we went to another seafood restaurant with Dave's family for dinner. Yummy stuff!

And here's today's video! 

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