Florida | May 2015 | Day 8

Our last full day in Florida!

I didn't feel so good in the morning so we took it easy and didn't rush out of the house or anything.

Once everyone was up we all made our way out for breakfast at a place called Sage Biscuit Cafe. It was quite a long wait, we had to wait about 30 minutes, but luckily it was pretty yummy. We all got their breakfast skillets, and Dave and I got their coconut cream pie to go. It was amazing! I almost wish we had gotten an entire pie! Hahaha

Then Dave's dad took us over to this little pond he found that was filled with maybe 20 or more turtles, big ones and even itty bitty ones! Check out the video at the bottom of the post for footage on them! We saved a biscuit from breakfast and fed it to them. They went crazy!

After that we made our way out to the beach. It was raining a lot as we pulled up, seriously coming down pretty hard. But thankful it didn't take too long to let up, and we were able to get out in the water. That's how it's been pretty much the entire trip. It will rain randomly for maybe 20-30 minutes, pretty hard, and then the clouds will clear and it will be pretty blue skies.

This was probably the nicest beach we had been to. There weren't really any waves, which I don't mind because I am not crazy about being thrown about by waves. And since their weren't really any waves the water was crystal clear! We ended up finding tons of shells because you could just look right into the water and see them on the sand.

Seriously so pretty. Despite raining off and on, it was the prettiest place we could have spent our last

Dave and I got dinner at our favorite place that we found last time we were in town, Acapulco Tropical - which is this little super market with a kitchen in the back which makes the most amazing Mexican food! So cheap, so fresh, so flavorful.

We asked if they had any tres leches and they said to check the bakery next door. We have been to this place 4, maybe 5 times but didn't know about the bakery next door.

It smelled amazing! And was just packed with tons of yummy stuff! I was basically just oohing and aahhing over it all.

Very fun day for our last full day here! I wouldn't really care to live here, but at the same time, I dont want to leave! Hopefully it's not too long till we can visit again!

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