My First Ipsy Bag

After what felt like an eternity of waiting (but was only really like 3 months) I finally got my first Ipsy bag and it was just as great as I hoped it would be. 

I have really wanted to expand by make up and skin care collection but I have a hard time buying expensive products without trying them first. I have picked up some samples of products I was interested in from Sephora but I just didn't feel like I got enough product to really judge what I thought of it. Ipsy has proved to be the perfect solution! At least with this first bag. 

Out of the 5 things that came in my bag I really like 3 of them, so I think that's pretty good odds.

I waited a couple weeks to post my review because I wanted to give myself enough time to try out the products and really see what I thought of the products. Now that I have had a little over two weeks, here we are!

IT Cosmetics

Your Skin But Better® CC+® Cream with SPF 50+

I was a little worried with this stuff at first as I was sent the shade medium and thought that it may be a bit too dark. Luckily since I got this bag after our week long trip to Florida, I came home with a nice tan so this shade turned out to be perfect! 

I love that this stuff has SPF as I feel that is pretty important in the summer. While it says it's full coverage, I wouldn't say it's 100%, but it's pretty close. It certainly helps even out my complexion with just a thin layer of product. My favorite thing about this stuff is that a little goes a pretty long way and it feels very light on my skin, and feels very breathable witch is so important with the summer heat! I hate feeling caked in make up, and usually don't wear make up on days when I know I will be outside a lot, but I don't have to worry about that with this product. And this might be weird, but I really love the smell of this stuff! Random I know. But I will most certainly be buying more from this brand soon!

Dermalogica Clear Start

Breakout Clearing All Over Toner

This is just a spray on toner which is perfect for summer because the light and cool spray is really refreshing for summer. I spray it on each morning before putting on make up, or before just leaving the house. It also smells great as it has lemongrass and orange. 

After a week of using this I can certainly say that it has helped mostly stop breakouts as well as very clearly improved the complexion of my skin. My skin usually has lots of red in it and this has really helped get rid of the redness I'm not so much a fan of. Yay! Dave even mentioned it was looking really good! Pretty much right after the first week I bought a kit including this item, as well as a few other Clear Start products. So happy!

Another win. The mud to foam is a little weird because no matter how hard I try, how closely I follow the directions I can't really seem to get it to foam up. And the word "mud" threw me off a bit. I wish it gave a bit of exfoliation, but that's just personal preference as I just feel like I need to exfoliate for my skin to really feel clean. But despite that, it makes my skin feel really smooth, and after just a week my skin feels so so soft. I certainly will be buying a full size of this!

Now onto the two products I wasn't a huge fan of...

Balanced Guru

Style Me Hair Oil

There is nothing particularly wrong with this stuff, it smells good and seems simple enough to use. But with my hair likes to hold onto products so well, a little too well. So, because of that my hair + oil is generally a big No No.

I have tried to put this on my hair when it's damp a few times, but it doesn't seem to make any difference once my hair is dry. I tried to put just a tiny tiny bit in my hair when it was mostly dry and then it made it seem a tad greasy. Maybe I'm using it wrong. I don't know. Oh well. If I find a way to use it that seems to help I will be sure to update my review! I did notice on their site they have an oil for anti-frizz that I might try out! 

theBalm Cosmetics

NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single

I don't wear make up all that often, and when I do wear make up I often times just slap on some foundation and some mascara. If I do take the time to wear eye shadow I don't normally wear colors quite this dark and it seems to have slight red undertones which aren't very good with my complexion in my opinion. But from the reviews I have read of this brand, people see to really be a fan of this brand, so maybe I just need to try some of their other products! 

Overall I am really really pleased with my first Ipsy bag, am so happy to be learning about more brands that I have never heard of, and learning that sometimes, splurging on nice products really is worth it! Can't wait to see what my next Ipsy bag holds!

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