Birthday Weekend

This past Sunday, the 31st was my birthday! It's a little crazy to think I am 40% of the way through my twenties. Often times I still think I am in my teens! At times I can't help but wonder, what have I done in that 40%? But I have had lots of fun, been on many adventures with my Bear, and am very blessed. And I know that there are plenty more fun times that lay ahead! I am excited to see what the remaining 60% of my twenties hold. Well, and beyond that, of course, haha.

Poor Dave has a new work schedule that has him working lots of grave shifts and has been pretty rough. So sadly I didn't get too see all that much of him this weekend. Boo. We will be going out for my birthday this week once he finally has some time off. Yay!

But I did have lots of fun time with my family. On Saturday we did some shopping and had lunch at Cafe Rio. I tried their coconut shrimp tacos for the first time. Pretty yummy! Too bad they aren't always on their menu. That evening I spent as much time with Bear as I could before he had to leave for work.

Sunday I went to church just for a bit, and then came back home to spend just a few hours with Dave before he had to head off to work again. I am so blessed to have him! He works so hard for us. At least we got to enjoy breakfast together!

The rest of the day my mom and I slaved away in the kitchen! It's been awhile since I spent some serious baking time in the kitchen, so it was lots of fun for me. My mom made a strawberry pie and helped me make my first ever coconut cream pie. All entirely from scratch! Thanks to my mom for all her help! 

When we were in Florida Dave and I have the yummiest coconut cream pie ever. We have hunted high and low in VA for a good replacement but we have had no luck! So I decided to just make one myself. I was little fearful about how it would turn out. But... You guys. Oh my word... It turned out Heavenly! I can't wait to share the recipe later this week!

We had some yummy shrimp tacos for dinner! The perfect summer dish!
Then for opening presents! My family gave me a Target gift card, a HUGE donut pool inflatable that I can't wait to use, some cute tops from Target, and a gift card to my favorite local bakery and cafe. Thanks family! 

Dave and I always give each other our gifts early, hahaha. But Dave ordered my a Gorilla pod (a flexible tripod) for my iPhone. I took it with us on our Florida trip and got this shot! Yay! 

He also got me a couple Funko Pops that I am OBSESSED with. Later this week we will trek our way to the mall that has Lush and I will get to spoil myself there! I'm a lucky girl! 

Oh and here is a crazy story from the other day! 

I was driving down a rather busy road where the speed limit is 45 mph (but of course everyone goes 50 or more) and I spot this cute little doggy making her way down the road. 

I shared the short version of the story on Instagram and Facebook but when I pulled over she was having a stare down with a big truck that had stopped for her that had been a ways behind me. A line of cars started growing as she zigzagged across the lanes, clearly not fearful of the cars at all. 

I was a little scared of being bit, but I finally managed to coax her into my arms and brought her into my car. Although she was little muddy and smelly, it had just been raining, she was very sweet and friendly and sat sweetly and calmly in my lap as I called the number on her tags. 

Her owner said he had come home for lunch and usually she just stays in the yard but she must have followed his car out to the road. He said she doesn't do it very often and is usually pretty good at staying in the yard. He told me were he lived, just at the end of a gravel road near where I found her and asked I just take her back to the yard. I took her home, but she kept jumping back into my care before I could close my door! Finally I got the door closed, but she ran behind my car, all the way out, straight into the road! 

I pulled over, called her name (which I learned from her tags) and she jumped right into the car. I took her back again to her and house and this time left her on the porch. But she wouldn't sit there long, playfully skipping and hopping after me back to my car. I drove down away again but couldn't see her following. I pulled out onto the main road and luckily didn't see her following out onto the road. But I wanted to be sure. So I pulled off a little ways down the road, and sure enough after a few minutes she came running out onto the road again! I collecting her into the car a third time and called the owner. He said he wasn't far from home now and just ended up meeting me at his house to take her! 

She was such a sweet little thing! I am so glad I was able to grab her before she got hurt. I really hope she doesn't have a habit of running out onto that busy road! I will probably drive by there more regularly just to be sure I don't see her again! I will certainly be worried about her for a while.

Anyways, thanks to all those you sent me birthday wishes! I am so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends in my life. xoxo

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