Weekend in Ohio

I haven't posted in a while, ACK! We have a few fun things I need to post about, and I keep just putting it off and putting it off since I'm so behind. These posts will be a little out of order.

This post I am going to talk about our quick weekend in Ohio. My uncle Ray and his kids all live in Ohio. They are the cousins on my dad's side that despite the mileage that has always been between us, we have always been close and no matter when we get together, it feels like we were never apart!

My awesome cousin Rob got married to the prettiest girl, Allison. You guys, she seriously is so cute, I think she honestly looks like Taylor Swift. For reals, she could pass as her sister!

Dave recently got a new job, so he couldn't take tons of time off, but he at least has weekends off. He left work just a couple hours early, and we hit the road. The drive was about 6 hours, so not terrible, and was totally doable for a short little weekend trip. It was so fun and I am so glad we were able to be there!

We got into town around 8pm and met my family and my uncle Chris and aunt Anita who had come down from NY at a yummy Greek restaurant in Lancaster. So yummy! Little did we know Rob, his soon to be bride and their immediate wedding party were having a dress rehearsal dinner at the back of the restaurant!

The next day, the wedding wasn't until the afternoon, so Dave and I spent the morning exploring Lancaster. It's a rather small town with a cozy feel to it. For how small it is there is a surprising number of 24hr donut shops which is surprising and hilarious. The town is rich with history and old buildings. We went to breakfast in this cute little cafe in old town Lancaster that was quite yummy.

We also passed with awesome huge cemetery that I had to stop and take pictures at. Crazy to see how old some of those graves are.

And then we made our way to the chapel for the wedding. We found some parking along the street, there were already lots of cars there, and we made our way to the front of the chapel.

Everyone who was making their way into the chapel was dressed pretty casually, and most of the guys were in jeans, plaid button down shirts and cowboy boots, which we thought was odd. Turns out it was the wrong chapel! Hahaha, oopse! The correct one was a just a couple blocks down from where we were.

The proper chapel was so pretty with the loveliest stained glass, that was light up perfectly as the sun was just starting to set. My Uncle Ray (the grooms father) played the piano for the wedding.

The wedding was so sweet, they are seriously the cutest couple!

While I shot pictures, I had Christina take a video of them with my phone. She did a great job, I love how it turned out!

After that we made our way over to a place called Ale House 1890 which was a restaurant and bar, in a building, as you can guess from the name that was around since the 1890s, for dinner. Very cool little brick building, and very yummy food!

The next morning we went to breakfast with my parents at this yummy place, again in old town Lancaster, called Table 1. It was the coolest little place with amazing food! There are lots of adorable restaurants there, I wish we had been able to stay longer! We will have to make another visit soon!

And then we made our way to Uncle Ray's house and hung out with the entire family and watched Rob and Allison open their gifts, before we said goodbye and hit the road.

It was a quick little trip, but was so fun to spend time with the family and be there for Rob and Allison! We are so happy for the lovely couple! XOXO

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