Halloween 2015

Mom and Dad were in UT (blog post on that later) for Halloween so the girls and I made a little party of the day. We did our best decorating the house, and I busied myself in the kitchen making lots of yummy foods.

I made some yummy queso and guacamole, presented as such, thanks to a fun video posted to the Tasty facebook page. It was so easy, and turned out perfectly!
And made this very easy "bleeding" pumpkin
The girls had some friends over in the evening for food and games. 
Jess and her friend did some awesome makeup! 

And the girls decorated a inside door as a mummy! But it didn't show up very well in pictures.

The next day we did a much needed fall photoshoot. It had been a while since we had done a photoshoot together so it was fun to get out and get some shots in the pretty fall colors! Don't hate me for posting SO MANY pictures, I just love them all! Really, just look at these colors! Looks like a paiting!

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