2015 Recap

What a fun year 2015 has been for us! 

We started off the year celebrating New Year's in Florida

I braved up and finally got to see the cherry blossoms in DC

Swooned over the lovely Virginia Bluebells

Made a return trip to Florida

Shot some Cavanaugh family photos in Florida

Enjoyed lots of good seafood in Florida

Visited the Salvador Dalí museum 

Got to go Dolphin watching off the coast of Florida 

Fell in love with Florida.

Didn't want to leave Florida.

Reluctantly left Florida.

Made friends with a bird.

Found more amazing food in VA

Finally learned the Heaven that is Shake Shack

Began a vinyl collection

Got a new tent!

Missed Florida while visiting Virginia Beach

Took some of my favorite photos, ever

Celebrated 5 years of bliss {marriage}

Got to meet and see Al Fox Carraway speak

Dave was a finisher at the Spartan Super at Wintergreen!

Fell in love with a used bookstore and quickly began to grow a library

Fell in love with fall in VA

Partied at the Ren Fest for a third year in a row

Made a weekend trip to Ohio for my cousins wedding

And wondered if VA would ever get any snow

We had a wonderful 2015 and are looking forward to see what adventures wait ahead in 2016! Happy New Year! 

Recap in video form;

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Slideshow of all the favorite photos

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