Storm Jonas 2016

Oopse, sorry blog, I have neglected you for a little while. It's been a crazy few months! I also FINALLY bought a much neede new computer, so I am more willing to actually sit down and post a proper blog post! It's really a wonderful day! Editing just a handful of pictures took HOURS! So I will post a few updates;

Starting off, Storm Jonas, the East Coast blizzard of January 2016.

I have always wanted to be snowed in, at least once in my life. A year or two ago we got quite a lot of snow, but still could rather easily drive around. This year, we were truly snowed in. If I remember correctly, the snow started Friday, and we were stuck till Sunday night till about 9:30 PM. It really was a lot of snow! Waist deep in some places! Not to mention the crazy wind, causing snow drifts up to six feet fall!

Luckily we didn't really have any house damage, and we were all off of work. Thankfully Dave no longer works security, other wise he would have had to just sleep at work! I got some fun pictures of everyone covered in snow. Here are a few!

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I had been worried we wouldn't get any snow. We really hadn't gotten anything till this point! Nothing that stuck at least. It certainly made for a crazy, cozy weekend!

More pictures on Facebook!

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