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I have become OBSESSED with Trader Joe's! I probably do 40, if not 50% of my shopping there now. We live about 30 minutes away from one, which is a bit far, but it's right along the route to Dave's work.

The shop is tiny, and always packed! So it's a bit chaotic to shop there. But the employees are always SO SO SO friendly, their prices are incredibly cheap, and they have lots of unique items that you can't get any where else.

This list may be long, but here are my current items that I feel like I can't live without from TJs;

This stuff is amazing! And if I am remembering right, it's only $3.99. It has made my skin incredibly soft. I am so in love!

We eat this stuff everyday! A must have in the fridge. I buy two at a time. And at $2.99, much much cheaper thank any other pico I have found. Perfect for quick omelettes, and with how much Mexican food we cook up, this is the perfect topping. So good! 

They have a huge selection of cheese and sometimes $1.00 or more cheaper than I can find at other stores! The goats cheese in particular, is Dave's favorite. So good in omelettes, or spread across chicken with veggies, and I think $1.50 than what I found at Wegmans! Amazing prices. So helpful when we go through it so fast!

There nuts are also super affordable! Make sure to get some of their coconut cashews. YUM!

Another must have thing to always have in the freezer. Super quick and easy dinner! And I think they are only like $4.99! I top them with a chipotle mayo (mayo mixed with chipotle seasoning), cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and guac. Yum!

Another great, dinner in a pinch. Can't remember prices, but I know these were very cheap! And yummy! Sometimes you just need to be lazy and want something you can just throw in the microwave and shove in your face, am I right? This is it. And for a "TV dinner" it's fairly low cal, only 270 calories. No complaints there! Although it is salty, but that is no surprise. 

Another super cheap, must have item. I use this in so many ways (maybe more on that in another post), and really, is it just me or is their packaging just so cute?

This is just one of like 4 or 5 options that they have, but we are so obsessed with these juice smoothies. And they are only $2.99! Incredible price! The only one we do not like it the mango one. It's too thick, and according to the ingredients, it has cornstarch added to it. What? Ew, gross. But all the rest have pretty great ingredients. By far the cheapest yummy juices around that money can buy! 

Only $2.69! So yummy! Dave usually does not like pink lemonade but we both guzzled up this stuff! So good!

And the best for last. I am so obsessed with these! Ice cream sandwiches have always been my weakness. As a kid, I loved to get them from those ice cream freezers at the gas station, my go to item any time the ice cream truck swung into town. But these. Oh these are heaven. Truly sublime as they say! 

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