Farmers Market at The Pearl

Since we moved away from Utah, over three years ago now, one thing that we sorely missed was the SLC farmers market. It was one of our favorite places to go in the summer, and in VA or DC we didn't find a replacement that we liked quite the same. That isn't to say there aren't good farmers markets there, there are quite a few in the DC area, but traffic and dealing with parking made it a pain. 

Well, I was very excited when we found a downtown farmers market here in San Antonio, only 15 minutes from our house! It wasn't as big as the SLC one, but parking was easy enough, and we found plenty of yummy baked goods and produce to take home!

We bought some yummy danishes and bread from Soy Y Luna. So good!

We shared a chorizo breakfast taco. I had chorizo once before in Utah and thought it was terrible. It was so so greasy. But here, I have had it a few times and it hasn't been terribly greasy, just very very flavorful. So yummy! I'm converted.

We also picked up some local ground beef and tomatoes. Homemade burgers have become our latest obsession, a detailed how to post coming soon!

It was also surrounded by yummy cafes, bakeries and restaurants I can't wait to go back and try out. Very cool area. I love that it's so close to where we live! Have to stop in at Baker Lorraine, voted one of the top ten bakeries in the country! So good!

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