Rio Vista Waterfall

We are LOVING TEXAS! Guys, there are so many amazing places to explore! It has so much history and so much diversity, I love it.

I read online about this free park with a little rock slide and rapids that looked really fun. It's about 50 minutes from our house. Pulling up we weren't sure what to expect. They hardly had any parking, and it was so close to the heart of town, I wondered if it was really as amazing as the photos online made it look to be.

Luckily, it really was AMAZING!

The park is along the lovely San Marco river. They have built a couple areas that are perfect for a fun time on the water. They have a little island you can walk out to, surrounded by beautiful crystal clear water. And downstream is a little waterfall you can slide down with some rapids. So beautiful and so much fun!

We have been twice now and love it every time. The water stays cool all year long, perfect for the terrible Texas heat! We are so in love with Texas and feel so blessed to get to be here and explore this beautiful state! Seriously, come visit, we will have the best time!

And we followed our day in the sun with some yummy burgers along the drive home.

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