Texas Move ~ Arriving in Texas

This is part 4 in a 5 part series about our move to Texas. 
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Enjoy! xoxo

The last day was by far the worst and the longest! Around lunchtime, as we were driving through Louisiana there was a horrible rainstorm! I have never been on the road in such a bad rainstorm. The wipers did nothing to clear the windshield! It was a little scary. But luckily we made it through in one piece. 

In the afternoon we crossed the line into Texas! Unfortunately, a big truck was blocking my shot of the sign at the state line. Boo! 

Maybe it's just me, but the last few hours of a road trip always seem the longest, don't they? It felt like we were on big open roads, going 80mph forever and not getting anywhere! But we did in fact, finally arrive!  

We still didn't have a place quite yet. We had considered signing on a lease online before hand, but we weren't brave enough to do that without seeing a place in person. So for the first couple nights in San Antonio we had to stay at a hotel.

I found a hotel close to the area we wanted to be, that happened to be right down the street from Sea World. A Hilton that was actually really cheap. I wondered what was wrong with the place that made it so cheap. Luckily nothing was wrong with the place at all! It was amazing! Word of advice, always check prices on Expedia! We got our room $50 cheaper than normal! It was a HUGE room, with a living room, a kitchenette, a bedroom, a massive bathroom with a huge jetted tub, and balcony with a lovely view! We could have just lived there! Hahaha! 

But we busied ourselves with finding a place to live. We had one in mind that we had done lots of research on and felt good about, so we decided to start there. It was just as nice as we had hoped. Very affordable for a 2 bed, 2 bath, tons of closet space, a nice pool and gym, very close to plenty of shopping, restaurants, and Dave's work, and available for immediate move in! Once we were approved and had all the necessary paperwork, we were able to move in the very next day! We were very grateful for how smoothly it went for us. We couldn't have planned it more perfectly! 

Since we had an extra day before Dave had to report to work, we explored our new hometown. We got some yummy food,

And then took a drive up to the temple, just 25 minutes from our new home! The temple is quite small, but so lovely! with a wonderful view of the city! And we found a Kneaders just across the street! I had no idea they had Kneaders here, one of my favorite places! 

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