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This is part 5 in a 5 part series about our move to Texas. 
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Enjoy! xoxo

Well now I am finally caught up telling the story of our move here, now I have to catch up and tell you about all the adventures we have had since we have arrived!

For now, I will tell you everything I have learned since we moved here;

Everything really is bigger in Texas. They aren't joking when they say that! I have been to the biggest Target, the biggest gas station, the biggest movie theater, the biggest (and nicest) rest stop (pictured above), and the list could go on!

Trucks to Texas, are Vans to Utah. In Utah, everyone drives a van, right? That's a pretty true statement I would say. Here, everyone drives a truck. But it's Texas, of course everyone drives a truck!

Everyone is really nice. Pretty much every single person I have interacted with have been so nice! This was NEVER the case in Virginia. If I tried to be nice to someone, most of the time they gave me this look like I was a werido. Seriously, everyone is so nice here. And our new ward is so welcoming! 

San Antonio has two major freeways, the 410 and the 1604, or the inner loop, and the outer loop. Most people told us to live on the outer loop. But we went against what pretty much everyone said and we live right on the inner loop. Traffic does get a bit crazy, but we are so close to EVERYTHING! A nice shopping mall? 10-15 minutes away. A nice movie theater? 10-15 minutes away. The sites downtown? 10-15 minutes away. Tons of incredible restaurants? 10-15 minutes away! One of the best bakeries in the country (pictured above)? Two locations, 10-15 minutes away! We won't live here forever, but for now, it's the perfect place to be while we are new to the area and want to explore! 

The food is good. Real good. Before moving here, we both said, oh we will be so healthy! We will be models of healthy eating! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The food here is too good! Our stomachs hate us. But our taste buds love us!

The avocados are amazing. Maybe it's because we are closer to Mexico? Or closer to California? I'm not really sure. But every single avocado I have bought have been so creamy, bruise free, and flavorful. It's avocado heaven down here. Not to mention the amazing Texas made pico! So good.

Blue Bell Ice Cream is 110% worth the hype. I had heard about this stuff, but didn't really understand until now. This stuff is seriously so creamy, and so yummy! It's HOT down here, so of course they are masters at making a cold, creamy treat! Nom! 

Well, that's about all I can think of for now. We are loving it, and are so grateful to be here!

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