DIY Ornament Garland

We have been saving our pennies so we can have lots of fun and eat lots of yummy food while visiting Utah, so I haven't bought Christmas decor, and all the decor I already had is still in storage that we haven't been able to retrieve quite yet. I was a bit sad missing out on the magical vibes of pretty, glittery ornaments and twinkling lights in our home. So I began hunting for cheap DIY Christmas decor. And so the ornament garlands were found! They honestly look more difficult and more expensive than they are. I only spent $10! Believe it or not, these beautiful ornaments were from the dollar store! I was really so surprised with how well they turned out. I'm debating making more! You might need to spend a little more depending on how big you want your garland. I made two 35 inch garlands, using about 100 ornaments.

Here's what you will need; 

Twine or ribbon (I used twine because it was what I already had on hand)
Ornaments - Try to get a variety of sizes and colors. I bought 24 large, 24 medium and 60 small.

Measure how long you want your garland to be. I wanted to have them hanging off the top of our two bookshelves, measuring at a curve, also giving a bit extra to pin the twine to the bookshelf, a total of 35 inches for one garland.

About three inches from one end, tie a double knot in the twine or ribbon so the ornaments don't slide off, and begin adding each ornament. Alternate between sizes and colors; one big, two small, one medium, two small, one big, two small and so on and so on... It took me maybe 10 or 15 minutes to string each one together. Each garland used about 55 ornaments. Tie another double knot at the other end to finish it off, keeping the ornaments in place.

To attach the garland, I just stabbed white thumbtacks through the twine and into our cheap IKEA bookshelves, but you could also use command hooks.

And that's it! It's really so simple! Can't complain one bit about cheap and easy decor! I am loving all the beautiful Christmas vibes now in our home! Let me know if you decide to make one! I want to see pics! 

Happy Holidays!

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