Thanksgiving in VA

I'm so behind in blogging! But I am going to play a little catch-up!

My parents were so awesome and flew us out for Thanksgiving in Virginia with them. Dave was there just from Thursday till Sunday, and I was there for a full week.

We flew in late Wednesday night, and my dad picked us up in his new toy; a shiny four door jeep.

Pru was so excited to see her boyfriend Dave! She sure loves her boys. Since the last time I saw her, she had to have quite a few teeth removed and has this goofy little lip curl now. So sad, and funny.

Thanksgiving day was the usual, fun times with family, and plenty of yummy food! We also got to play around with dad's fun drone a bit. Dying to get one ourselves! 

The next day we had to go to one of our favorite places to eat, Dumpling Queen! Hands down the best dumplings I have ever had, and some of the biggest I have ever seen! Honestly, all their food is amazing though. I'm not usually a fan of Chinese food, but theirs is always very fresh. I love their orange chicken. It doesn't taste processed at all like you commonly find at Chinese restaurants. If you are ever in the greater DC area you have to stop by. 

After that, we all went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I originally had mixed feelings about it. I had hoped it would be more, Harry Potter....y....? But it is fun to see the magical world in the US and in the time frame, one of my favorite times for a film to be set in. And I really did love all the characters. 

The next day we did a little bit of shopping and had to stop by our favorite bookstore, Mckays Used Books. I miss that place so bad! I would go there once a week! Killer deals, and the best selection. Extra sad since all my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks I bought there got lost in the mail (sobbing sobbing sobbing).

That evening my parents took us to old town Alexandria, which, if you have never been, is so charming! They had bought tickets for a Medival Dinner and show. It was in a cozy little tavern, served food based off a specific, real coronation in history (can't remember which one) and had a comedy show while the dinner was served. I guess you can get a good deal for them on Groupon, so keep an eye out for that! 

Dave went home Sunday morning to be back for work (sad day!)

Monday I did some pictures for my mom and her good friend Leanne who was visiting from England! The story of how they met, and how Leanne became converted to the church is very cool! You can read all about it on Leanne's blog here

The next day we went to visit the lovely DC temple and see some of the lights and decor they had set up there for the Holidays. For lunch, we stopped at one of my faves, Astro Doughnuts and I finally tried one of their chicken fried sandwiches, on a plain donut. Sounds very weird but was actually really yummy! We also got their smores donut which basically just tastes like chocolate cake but was really yummy!

That evening Christina and I got to visit the family I used to nanny for! I can't believe how big Abigail is now! It had only been like 5 months! So good to see them.

And then Christina took me to her new favorite place in town, Cava. It's serving style is similar to Chipotle, but Mediterranean, and far more fresh and yummy. I will have to try to recreate some of their dishes at home! 

The next day, my final full day, I went out in the morning to take some pictures of what was left of the fall leaves. Luckily there was quite a lot left, I was so glad! Had to stop by my beloved Wegmans and get some amazing coconut cream danishes! And got to visit some friends from the old ward.

That afternoon dad and I went shooting! The range we went to was new and very nice. I'm not very comfortable with guns, not that I don't think people should have them, I just haven't been around them much so they make me a little nervous handling them. I certainly would like to take a proper class for home defense or something like that.

That evening I stayed home with Christina to help her with some homework while Mom, Dad, and Leanne went out to meet with one of the sisters who had been part in helping teach Leanne the gospel lessons. They brought back for me a couple tacos from one of our favorite places, Taco Bamba. Apparently, their menus are different at each location, so they didn't have what I would normally order, but what they brought me instead was even better! It was called San Diahhhgo and had swordfish on it. It was hands down one of the best tacos I have ever had! If you are ever near Vienna, go there and ask for that! 

The next morning, before heading out for my mid-morning flight, I took Pru on a little walk on the lovely wooded trails there. Sure miss having those scenic trails to walk through! Pru was so happy to get out as it was pretty much the only day it finally wasn't raining! 

And with that, I said adieu to Virginia! I never thought I would say I missed the place, but part of me actually does! 

I've honestly been taking more video than photos lately, it's hard to decide what I like more! But make sure to check out the little vlog of our trip that I made!

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