Catching Up

Lots of random little things going on over the past few months.

I've been obsessed with making dumplings, we make them all the time! If you missed the post with that recipe you have to check it out! I also will be sharing a recipe for hot and spicy wonton soup soon!

At the beginning of May we bought a new car! I miss driving our zippy little Hyundai, but it's so nice to have a lot more space and have a taller car. Now I don't feel like I'm going to be crushed by all the big trucks on the Texas roads!

And isn't the interior so lovely!?

I took a short trip to Georgia to help my sister in moving. I helped drive her and her two girls from Georgia to their new home in Virginia. It was good to see my nieces, they are so cute! I kept calling them "honey" and Rose started calling me "honey" back, it was so funny...

Thanks to mom for making me my yearly birthday pie! It was nice not having to make it for myself, hahaha. It was a little surreal saying goodbye to my parent's house since they are moving to UT in a matter of weeks!

I flew home on my birthday and had a relaxing afternoon with Dave. A few different friends from church came by to bring me treats, flowers, and a balloon. I am so grateful for all the good friends I have here in Texas to help me feel so loved!

I've done lots of photo shoots lately and it's fun feeling my love of photography reignite! If only it wasn't so bloody hot in Texas and without so many mosquitos! It's still been fun taking clients again! Here are just a few of my recent favorites. You can see more on my Facebook page.

Up next will be a big blog post all about our amazing trip to Colorado! Stay tuned!

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