Sharing Texas with Friends

April 20th - April 24th, 2017

Back in April, my good friend Michelle and her hubby Josh came to stay with us. We had so much fun sharing Texas with them!

Our first day together we drove towards Austin to visit the Hamilton Pool Preserve. During the summer you have to make a reservation to visit since it gets so busy, but luckily we were visiting just before reservations were required, we managed to get there fairly early on a weekday so it wasn't too busy. It was a quick and pretty hike down to the falls and we were all amazed by how beautiful it was! Sadly they weren't allowing swimming that day, but luckily it wasn't too hot and it was still really pretty to walk around. Plus it was nice to take pictures and not have to edit people out of the water, hahaha! I need to make a reservation so we can go back and swim!

After that we took them to one of our all time favorite places, Rio Vista Falls to swim and slide down the falls. So much fun! After that we introduced them to some of our favorite Texas BBQ, Rudy's!

The next day we drove downtown for the farmers market at Pearl, our favorite Saturday morning activity! And then we dropped by the San Antonio temple. In the afternoon we went to see a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, so obsessed with that place!

Our last full day with them, we went downtown again to explore the Riverwalk, which was actually our first time there! We took a boat tour which was really fun, I highly recommend if you want to explore the Riverwalk! We went to see the Alamo, and then went over to my favorite mission, San Jose.

The next morning we went back downtown (luckily we only live 15 minutes away!) and went to breakfast at the charming Guenther house. We then stopped over at the Tower of the Americas. We got stuck up there for a little bit! There were two elevators to take down but neither of them would open up! I called the front desk and luckily they were able to open them up right away.

After that I drove them to the airport and said goodbye, so sad! Thanks so much for coming to visit Michelle and Josh! It was so much fun to have you!

I also made a little video from the weekend! Loving making these little family "vlogs" documenting our adventures!

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