Farmers Market at Historic Pearl

I know I have blogged about it a few times before, but guys, I LOVE the farmers market here. We go at least twice a month. It's my favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning. We went quite a few times in November and December. It doesn't matter how many times we go, I love it every time. 

The farmers market is at the Historic Pearl, only 15 minutes from us. I love everything about it and feel like I find something new to see and explore every time we are there. It's so easy to get to, just right off the freeway and there is plenty of free parking. We have learned to try to get there no later than 11:30, ideally, 10, as the crowds get crazy and things start to sell out! 

"Pearl, located north of downtown San Antonio, provides a unique experience as a top culinary and cultural destination. The mixed-use space features retail, dining, picturesque green spaces, paseos riverside amphitheater, and the third campus of The Culinary Institute of America. As a former brewery operating from 1883 to 2001, Pearl reflects a vivid past while embracing the future with LEED-certified complexes mixed with historic architecture."

There is also the stunning hotel Emma. The lobby alone is so cool to walk through. The employees are super nice and don't mind if you come in to explore a little, at least no one has said anything to us! Can't wait to take a staycation there someday! It has a really interesting history, the original building being the only brewery that survived the prohibition.

One Saturday in December we went and the weather was incredible, I think it was a high of 70 or 75. It felt like the loveliest spring day. The sky was clear blue, we enjoyed plenty of yummy food while watching kids run through the water fountains. 

I don't normally take selfies but the lighting was perfect I wanted to document the lovely day with my Bear! It was seriously the most perfect day out.

I honestly haven't had anything bad to eat there, but some of our favorites...

Yapa Empenadas - My #1 favorite. Their ham and cheese is incredible. I crave it all the time! Ask for their green sauce to drip it in! 

Sol Y Luna - #1 favorite for baked goods! Incredible breads and danishes. Can never go wrong here. Their honey butter croissant and lemon blueberry danish are a couple of my faves. They always have free samples and the friendliest employees. Thankfully they also have a brick and mortar location if you find yourself craving them during the week (as I often do!)

Mings Thing - I've only had their pork belly breakfast plate but wow, so good.  

Humble House Foods - I am always soooo tempted by their french toast, but I have yet to give into the tempting plate heaped with sugar. Someday. But they have yummy lemonades and pretty good hot chocolate. I'll have to try their amazing sauces some time too. 

Wildflower Caramels - I mean, with that name how could I not love them? They are usually only there on Sundays. So sad because you miss out on their ADORABLE camper. So cute. We only got to see their cute set up because they were there for a weekday winter market. But if you go on a Saturday and still want to try their caramels go into Larder, they sell them at the counter!

But honestly, there are so many yummy things there, I really don't think you can go wrong.

There are always lots of cute dogs too! 

I don't think I will ever get sick of this place! 

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