Dad in Town {December 2017}

Back in December, just before Christmas, Dad came for a visit. In the past, honestly we haven't taken him out to explore much, but this time we made sure to get out a little more. He comes here for business, so they are usually quick trips, but he took some time to take me on a little daddy-daughter date which was so fun! I love my dad and spending time with him. I'm grateful business makes him come down her on a semi-frequent basis. Next, he just needs to bring mom for a visit!

The first day he was in town we went downtown to the Alamo and see the Christmas lights along the River Walk. I have to say, I wasn't really all the impressed with the lights along the River Walk. Most of them were just draped over the trees, as opposed to what I'm used to seeing in SLC, where every single branch of just about every single tree is wrapped with lights. It honestly looked kind of sloppy in my opinion, hahaha.

But there was one really large, pretty tree over by the Alamo. So at least there was one good one. Hahaha

Rex wasn't sure about Dad the first time he met him, but he's come to warm up to him.

The next day we did dinner at the Pearl with some co-workers. If you have been reading the blog, you will know it's no secret about how much I love the Pearl, it's where they have the weekend farmers market, easily my favorite place in the city. Their Christmas light display was actually rather impressive, I was really surprised. Dad even said he preferred walking around the Pearl more than the river walk (Christina said the same when she was in town too). 

The next day Dad and I drove out to explore the Texas hill country a bit. I knew he might enjoy some of the antique stores in Fredricksburg. We stopped a few random places along the way, first this place that we thought was an antique store, but was actually a rather odd clothing boutique.... Lol, but a pretty cool looking place.

Next, lunch, and exploring in antique stores. Plenty of interesting and strange finds.

And lastly, we checked out one place I have always been curious about, Das Peach House. Peaches aren't exactly in season in mid-December, but it was still a cool place to walk around.

Dad is known for always taking the long way home, he always wants to explore a new route (really just so he can level up more in Fog of World). We drove by this pretty place on a random back road. I need to go and take pictures when the trees are lush and green!

And that's about it. Thanks for taking the time to hang with us a little Dad! Love you! Now come back with Mom!

(December 11th - 13th)

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