Summer time at the lake

 For my Birthday Dave and I went down to my favorite place, The Pearl and enjoyed dinner at Southerleigh. I have wanted to try them since we moved to Texas and it did not disappoint! I have become so obsessed with fresh fish. I have never enjoyed fish in the past, but I think it helps that I can easily enjoy fresh fish, caught right off the coast of Texas! It was such a nice time with my Bear.

Dave spoiled me, but one of the gifts I have enjoyed the most was an inflatable kayak. If we had a garage we would have gotten a hard kayak, but being in an apartment the inflatable one has been great and is pretty easy to blow up and use. this summer, we have spent time at the lake nearly every week. Boerne Lake, easily my favorite place! We have enjoyed so much fun in the sun, and picnic dinners lakeside. It has been the perfect summer! 


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