Josh in Town

 Back in May, Daves youngest brother Josh came to stay with us for about two weeks. We jam-packed it with lots of fun activities. It was a great time having him come to visit!

On one of the first days, we went to Guadalupe River State Park. It's such a pretty park, we love to relax and hang in our hammocks. I just wish the water was a little deeper. We forced Rex to get in the water a bit, which he was not very happy about, hahaha... 

Heading out of the park at sunset we saw this incredible deer. It looked so big and magical! 


The next day we visited the Witte Museum, followed by dinner across the street at our favorite BBQ place, The Smoke Shack. And after that, we visited the Tower of the Americas. That place is so overpriced, but it does give some nice views of the city.

Next, we went tubing down the Comal River in New Braunfels. I had seen this viral video on Facebook of "one of the top places to tube in America" and it's only like 35 minutes from us! They have 3 manmade chutes that you can ride down that are so fun. The river is lined with huge, beautiful trees. And I was so surprised by how clear and beautiful the water was! I have said it before, the Texas heat is brutal, but it definitely makes up for it with its beautiful rivers and lakes! We really need to go again before summer is over! Also check out the little video I made from the trip!


We got lunch at this hole in the wall Mexican place that was so yummy!! After that we decided we weren't quite done swimming, so we hopped to the next town over, San Marcos, to swim at Dave's favorite place in the San Marcos river. And we wrapped up the day with some yummy MOD pizza! 

The next day we went to Six Flags which was a bit of a bust. We got there quite a bit later in the day than what we had originally planned, so it was PACKED. I think we only rode two or three rides. And it was sooooooo hoooootttttt. It was pretty miserable. 

The next morning we went to the farmers market and Dave and I did a little photo shoot. We realized we hadn't had any professional photos taken since our wedding, so we were really overdue! Thanks so much to my sweet friend Sarah, for squeezing us in before she moved! We love how these turned out! Pictures at my favorite place with my favorite person! 

We relaxed most of that day, and swam a bit at our community pool, wrapping up the day with an early dinner at Hula Poke for some delicious Poke bowls! 

Early the next week we spent a relaxing afternoon at Boerne lake and shared in the joy that is Whataburger. I don't like their traditional burgers, but you have to try their Avocado Bacon Burger, which they LOAD with guacamole and is served on the yummiest Texas Toast! NOM!

The next day we drove out towards Austin to visit Krause Springs. We had visited back in March, and swam a bit but it was quite cold still. It was a very hot day this time around and the place was packed. There was a large group of very rowdy college guys that kind of ruined it. There are two pools there, the natural pool with the waterfall, and a manmade spring-fed pool. We made our way to the manmade pool for some peace and quiet since no one was there, and not 15 minutes later, the entire rowdy group decided to join us. UGH. We ended up leaving not long after. Krause Springs is GORGEOUS! But I would recommend camping there, and then swimming early in the morning before the crowds arrive! 

Not wanting to entirely waste the drive out there, we drove to Pedernales Falls, a place we had never been. The pictures don't quite do it justice. The falls are HUGE. We spent about an hour hiking all around the falls. Unfortunately, you can't swim where the falls are. So I will certainly come back in the fall or spring when the weather is cool to explore more, and not be so tempted to jump in. Once we were thoroughly sweaty from hiking around, we drove down river and hiked to the area where swimming was allowed. Very pretty area, but unfortunately, the water was very shallow. 


We cooled off and then decided to hit the road for dinner. It was about a 45 minute drive, so we didn't end up arriving till about 8:30, but well worth the drive to the Salt Lick. It's a bit of trek out of down but this is hands down our favorite BBQ. Maybe it's because whenever we go, we have spent the day packed with adventures and are just starving by the time we arrive, but we love it. We were all very happy to dig in! 

And the last day together, we went to Alamo Drafthouse for a movie and an early lunch. Relaxed most of the day, recovering from our busy day prior. And enjoyed a final feast at Pappadeauxs! The best place for amazing seafood! I have never before really been a seafood fan, but in the past year, I have become OBSESSED! Maybe it helps living just 2 hours from the coast.


Visit Flickr to see even more pictures from the trip!

Thanks for coming to visit with us Josh! We hope you had as much fun as we did! 



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