Mom and Dad in Town ~ June 2018

 Back in June my parents came to visit us! My dad has visited a few times thanks to needing to come here for business, but this was the first time mom tagged along. They need to make a return trip when it isn't so hot so mom can enjoy San Antonio a little more, she is not a fan of the heat, understandably! Hopefully, they can return in the early spring or late fall sometime. Despite the heat, we still had lots of fun times together.

The first full day together, mom and I went out to explore and do some antique shopping in Comfort, Texas, in the Hill Country. So many cute shops out there!

For lunch we made our way to Boerne and enjoyed lunch at Peggy's on the Green which is in the 19th-century Kendall Inn. Super cute and charming place! Even for lunch on a weekday the wait was 45 minutes, but luckily we were able to snag a seat in the bar and skip the wait.

For dinner with the boys we tried a BBQ place that we had heard good things about, but sadly was a bit of a disappointment. I won't say where because so many people told me it was there favorite.... hahaha.... After dinner we walked the grounds around the cute little San Antonio Temple. 

The next day we explore antique stores in New Braunfels. Seriously so obsessed with that town! I wish we could live there! If only the drive for Dave to work wouldn't be so long. We started the morning by hitting Naegelin's Bakery, supposedly the oldest bakery in Texas! Pretty yummy stuff. 

Next we made our way to Gruene for lunch at Gristmill. Love that place! Although the weather was a bit warm to fully enjoy it since it's basically all outdoor seating. Definitely visit in the spring or fall! We have decided to ban visitors from May - September unless you are willing to swim 99% of the time hahahaha

On the way home from Gruene we of course had to stop at Buc-ee's. We have taken other visitors here but no one has really appreciated it like I hoped... But I knew my dad would properly enjoy it, and his surprised laugh as we pulled in was priceless. The place is HUGE. Everything really is bigger in Texas. 

We wrapped up their trip with a dinner with some Texas friends at the Pearl. We decided to try Supper, which we all had heard amazing things about. Unfortunately I don't think any of us enjoyed our meal very much.... For how expensive all of it was, none of it was very impressive. I have noticed that many food bloggers only visit them for brunch, so I am curious to try them again for that but I don't know if I could ever convince Dave to go back.... lol.... Oh well.

I think I was the only one who really liked that I got... I enjoyed quail for my first time, but it was mostly just lots of breading.... 

Dave's fish with a "side of veggies"......

Thanks for coming to visit mom and dad! I hope you guys had a good time and it isn't too long till you can visit again! Love you! xoxo

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