Utah ~ Summer 2018 ~ Part 1

 After the most lovely camping trip at Rocky Mountain National Park we continued on to Utah.

Our first day there we visited with Daves family and they took us to the yummiest little deli near where they live. We spent a while talking to the owner. It was so fun hearing her story and her passion behind her food. And it showed. The food was soooo yummy! If you are in the Utah Valley area and wanting something good to eat you have to try Six Sisters Deli! It has shot to the top of our must-have food list for any time we are in Utah.

Next, we visited Dave's sister and her cute kiddos. #1 worst thing about not living in Utah, missing out on seeing all the kids grow! They get big so fast!


Then enjoyed the sunset view from my parents house.


The next day we went swimming with my sisters and a few of Dave's siblings. Followed by lunch at Peruvian restaurant. Yum!

And here is a random goofy gif of Christina dancing. hahaha love that weirdo!

The next day we hosted a little party at my parent's place for all the Cavanuaghs. Dave's mom wasn't feeling well, so, unfortunately, she wasn't able to make it, but it was fun to have all of Dave's siblings and kids there. It was quite the party!

I'm sorry... But this is my favorite gif... LOL Classic Cavanaugh's.... hahaha
All the cute grandbabies! And two more on the way!

The next day we did some off roading up the canyon with my dad and Christina. It was so beautiful!

Since dad had the top off the jeep we all got a little dirty! hahaha, I'm not sure how, but Christina was particularly covered in dirt!

Click here for part 2! 

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