2019 Texas Bucket List

 There are so many cool things to explore in the big state of Texas. I feel like we did quite a bit of exploring last year, but there are so much more for us to enjoy! So we decided to put together a 2019 bucket list of places in Texas we hope to visit. If you have any recommendations to add, please comment below!

Big Bend National Park

This one is top on our list! All the pictures I see of it are so beautiful! Neither park is very dog friendly (honestly, no National Park is...), so we need to find a dog sitter, but we can't wait to visit this year! I hope to buy a nicer kayak this year and would love to take a river trip in the park.

Big Bend is a very remote park. The International Dark-Sky Association  recognized the park with its Gold Tier designation as "free from all but the most minor impacts of light pollution." Bend has the darkest skies in the US, and with clear weather, provides the best star views at night.

South Padre Island

We have heard lots of amazing things about South Padre Island, but have yet to enjoy it for ourselves! We hope to make it down there this spring before the summer rush begins!

Swim and Camp at Inks Lake

Source; TPWD

It still amazes me how many beautiful lakes and rivers Texas has to offer! Some friends said Inks Lake is one of their favorite places to camp, we certainly need to check it out this year! They have campsites right along the lake!

Longhorn Caverns State Park

I only recently found out about this place, and am so intrigued by all the pictures I have been seeing! Apparently, occasionally bands will play inside the cavern! So cool!

Gorman Falls

We made friends with a park ranger once, seriously the nicest guy and he told us about a few places to check out. He showed us pictures of a place called Gorman Falls at Colorado Bend State Park. The falls look so lush and beautiful! I am still often so surprised just how lush Texas is!

Source; TPWD

Spend a night with a view of Lake Travis

Source; Lake Travis.com

We've been out to this lake once before (there may or may not be a park there called Hippie Hollow that is clothing optional.... hahaha!) But the lake is so beautiful and there are a number of places you can stay the night and enjoy the beautiful views!

Kayak at Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is a bit of a drive for us, being a little over 6 hrs north east of us, but all the pictures of this place look so unique and beautiful! I would to kayak among all these incredible cypress trees!

Source; Brainspout
(be sure to give him a follow on Instagram! He always shares the most incredible photos!)


I'm sure we will think of more to add as the year goes on. Here's to hoping 2019 is an adventure filled year for us all! What is one your 2019 bucket list? Share with us below!

Check back next week for our 2019 TO EAT bucket list!

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