Austin ~ Spring Break '19

 Saturday morning we started the day at the San Antonio Highland Games. Dave was so excited to get himself some Haggis, but sadly the food truck he loved wasn't there, and from what we found online it looks like they are no longer in business, so sad! We still was able to find some Haggis to enjoy though. One day we will need to go to Scotland and get a proper dish of haggis. It is actually pretty good stuff! Every single time we go to a Scottish festival it is rainy weather, which I suppose is pretty fitting, hahaha!

We all about died over this adorable tiny kilt! One day we will have a mini Cavanaugh baby to buy it for!

Despite the rainy weather we decided to make our way up to Austin for the rest of the day. One of Christina's favorite restaurants from Virginia, Cava, recently opened there, so of course we had to go. So yummy!

We also checked out the Austin Public Library. Very cool and gorgeous place to explore with some great views of the city!

We barely missed the massive rain storm Austin had been hit with. The water running through was insane!

I love Austin so much! I honestly wish we could live there!

Next we checked out a cool little record store.

We decided to wait for the famous flight of the bats at sunset. We managed to find free parking at the Palmer Events Center and had a short walk to Congress bridge. It wasn't quite as many bats as I had expected to see, but apparently August is the peak time when all the babies are big enough to fly, that is when you can expect to see the most. It was pretty cool and I would recommend checking it out if you are in the area at sunset.

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