New Years Wishes

This year I not only have Resolutions of things I am determined to do but I also have wishes, that I would like to have happen, but I have a plan B, or won't be totally bummed if they don't work out.

The list I shared wasn't very detailed, so lets clarify;

Relax --- I am seriously the biggest stress case known to man. I don't sleep well, I often have head aches and have began to think my frequent being nauseous may be a form of a panic attack. I don't know when we will have children but I know that being excessively stressed can actually prevent you from getting pregnant and in turn cause problems in your pregnancy, so I should probably try to start getting that in check, sooner rather then later. 
Reset (everything) --- As I wanted to last year, I don't feel I really accomplished it, I want a lot of change. I think we are getting more of a direction of knowing what to do with ourselves (finally) which helps. But I also want to "hit restart" on my business. At this time I want it to be more about creating pretty pictures and art then it is about making a buck and getting my name out there. 
Run (get out) --- This has a few resolutions warped up in one. Run, as in work out. And I want to get out on hikes, go geocaching, all the things I know Dave loves but that we don't really do. Additionally being more social. We really don't go out on double with people often, so I want to add a little more activity to our calender. So far so good! Went out with friends Monday, Friday, Saturday and have plans tomorrow. Just have to keep it up.
Create --- Going hand in hand with changing my photography, I want to write more. I would like to have at least one book ready to e-publish by the summer.

And a few more I want to add;

At this point we have a little over 150 movies (itching to buy more, but refraining) and Dave gave me grief that I never watch any of them, so one of my first goals is to make sure I have watched everyone we own. Weird? Sure.

Declutter. I really feel like quite the hoarder and just want to get rid of so much of the un-needed stuff we have (not including my movies)

And wishes? 

Become a flight attendant. I want an new job, but that would be a sweet one to get.
Visit a tropical beach.
Start making my own clothes.
Buy a Kinect or a Wii (can't decide!)
Read more (currently reading the Great Gatsby for the first time)
Get to bed earlier
Get up earlier
Eat more raw (mainly fruit and veggies)
Delete the major time suck.... Facebook....?

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