Virginia Beach

We've been on a few little over night trips recently that I forgot to blog about!

First up, Virginia Beach;

A couple weeks ago we made a quick little trip down to Virginia Beach. First time all summer! Last summer we got to go 3 times, but our work schedules this summer don't mesh very well, boo hoo. This trip was a bit of a last minute scramble, but it was still fun times.

The drive down felt like it took FOREVER, but we made it. We had left pretty early and drove straight through without stopping for lunch, so our first pit stop was a sushi place a friend told us about called Soya. We got to enjoy Virginia Beach like a local thanks to our friend who grew up there and gave us some pointers. 

The sushi was amazing and we wolfed it down! And another bonus was that it was right across the street from the beach! So we made our way across the boardwalk to the beach. It was so busy. It was horrific. I didn't take a picture of it because I was just in such shock and so annoyed! We had come all this way and it was just too busy to even enjoy. Clearly we are not a fan of crowds. 

Despite how much I did not want to get back into the car, we went to the car and decided to check out a beach our friend (thankfully!) recommended. It was still busy, but much more tolerable! We realized we had never actually come down during the peak of summer. We had always visited during off times. We won't be making that mistake again! It's not lovely Florida beaches, but it does the job for a last minute trip. The sand doesn't feel the same, or look the same, but the look and sound of the waves is the same and that's pretty much all that matters. Right?

For dinner we went to our favorite taco place, Pelon's Baja Grill. So good! 

And then back to camp. We always camp when we are in Virginia each to save money so we can spend more money stuffing our faces with yummy food instead! I bought Dave a new tent for our anniversary and this was our first time using it. 

It is crazy easy to set up! You don't have to slide the tent poles through those terrible little sleeves, you just clip them to the tent! And I love the color too, but that's really not all the important. We hadn't been camping in a long time as the last time we had gone camping our cheapie Walmart tent turned into a swimming pool in a rain storm (you can read all about that disaster of a trip here). This new tent has a HUGE rain fly that certainly won't be letting in any rain. Luckily it was clear skies while we were there so we didn't even need the rain fly. 

I bought this Kelty tent from REI. We bought our sleeping bags from them a few years ago and already knew we loved the Kelty brand. The sleeping bags are great because you can zip them together so we can cuddle! Perfect in Utah when even in the middle of summer it's crazy cold at night! Here in VA in the summer we usually sleep in the buff (hahaha, don't judge) and without any blankets because it is so terribly hot! It's so gross. I am ready to do some fall camping! I'm pretty sure these are the sleeping bags we bought.

Air mattresses are also a must! We don't love the ones we have right now, but are in the market for a new one. If you have a good one, let us know! 

After setting up camp we decided to run to the movies. Our favorite thing to do in the evening at Virginia Beach because the tickets are so cheap there! We decided to see AntMan as it really was the only thing that looked like it was worth seeing. We had low expectations, so that probably helped, but we thought it was hilarious! Marvel does it again! 

We went back to camp and I actually had a great nights sleep! Other than being a little too hot. We woke up and made our way over to our favorite place in town for breakfast, Citrus, which was on the TV show Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives! I tried their breakfast burrito, which I hadn't had before. I usually get an omelette or their waffles. Bad choice! It was a pretty pathetic burrito. Oh well. 

While Dave loves the huge waves at Virginia Beach, I am not good at surviving in swimming in the big waves. So we went to a different beach that was thankfully pretty empty and had essentially no waves. Usually it has some waves there, but that day there were no waves at all. It was actually kind of boring. Ooops, another bad choice. Oh well! We soaked up some sun, watched a cute dog splash around in the water, and then went off to get lunch before hitting the road home. 

Lunch was another place our friend recommended, called the Beach Bully, that had some great BBQ. I should have ordered what Dave ordered. I am learning that in almost all cases, I should just order the same thing Dave orders because he seems to order the better thing! This was certainly one of those cases. He ordered a beef and cheddar sandwich, like what Arby's is known for, but with legit meat. It was AMAZING! Hopefully we can get down there again soon just so I can have that sandwich! Again, thanks to our friend for all the recommendations! 

Since I drove down, Dave drove the whole way back. Being the led foot he is, he shaved off nearly 30 minutes off our travel time. Hopefully we can make it down again at least one more time before it starts getting too cold! Or maybe we can just book a trip to Florida for a third time this year...!

Oh Florida.... 

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