Lake Anna

There is a place called Lake Anna about 1.5 hours from us that lots of people in our area love going to. We had never checked it out, don't really know why, but we finally got around to it. 

The drive down was lovely! Up and down narrow back roads lined thickly with trees and farm lands. I should have filmed some of it. Next time. VA is worth visiting just for it's lovely country roads. 

We were pleased to find it wasn't terribly busy. Being that we are nearing the end of summer, we expect most summer hot spots to be packed with people getting their last bit of summer enjoyment in. Luckily this place wasn't overwhelmed with people. 

But it was overwhelmed with dogs. I think of myself as a dog lover. But it seemed that yappy annoying dogs were impossible to escape here. Unless we were way out in the water, there always seemed to be a small, loud dog near by. A bit of a damper. But oh well.

One thing we find odd about VA swimming spots is that they line it off specifically designated swimming areas, and only allow you to swim so far out. I don't remember any places in Utah doing that. A little weird really. If you don't know how to swim, you probably shouldn't be out on the lake, right? Despite the controlled swimming zones, it made for a decently nice swim. I finally got to enjoy the massive donut inner tube I got for my birthday.

After a little while we made our way around the edge of the lake to where there were some more trees and less people (but still annoying yappy dogs, unfortunately) and set up hammocks as we dried off and did a little reading. I finally finished A Walk in the Woods! Great read! And just in time for the movie to be coming out. (side note, the movie was lame, just read the book!)

It was pretty perfect and I began to wonder why we had waited so long to visit (especially now that we are nearing the end of summer). It is a perfectly good beach substitute for when we don't feel like making the 3.5 hour drive. At least we know about it now and can take full advantage of it next summer.

Oh and I stopped and took pictures of this crazy cool old chapel on the way home.

We began to make our way home, and being carnivorous we decided to stop at a BBQ place Dave looked up. It was AMAZING! We had true, southern banana pudding, and a couple steak and cheese sandwiches with some unique coleslaw (made with coconut) pasta salad, mac and cheese, and french fries. Our eyes were certainly bigger than our stomachs, but it was all amazing. 

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