Keto Favorites

 I have found the most important thing about successfully sticking to Keto is having a plan for the day! In truth, I am not a huge meal planner. I don't make a full week meal plan. Instead, I just plan on a few meals I want to cook over the next 7-10 days, and then just plan from what I have available each day. For me, this way I am not sticking to this strict schedule and feel like I can still eat what sounds good, while still eating up what I have on hand.

I only plan out dinners, not breakfast or lunch. Honestly, we often both find that we don't get hungry until lunch so we are able to skip breakfast. The high amounts of fat with the keto diet will keep you fuller longer. I often do intermittent fasting without even having to try. I just listen to my body and eat when I am hungry.

For lunch we will often just do leftovers, salads, or protein shakes. My favorite protein is the Optimum Nutrition, Casein Protein Powder that we buy off of Amazon. I am obsessed with the creamy vanilla flavor. I will add just 1/4 cup of berries, a handful or two of spinach with almond or coconut milk. Or a little cocoa powder, nut butter, and spinach is really good too. But really, the flavor alone is really good. It is only 2 net carbs per scoop and I often only do half a scoop. It really works so well to keep you full for a very long time. And if you also add some MCT oil it keeps you full for far longer.

Here are some of our favorite dinners!

Herb Rubbed Sirloin Tip Pork Roast, from Barefeet in the Kitchen

source; Barefeet in the Kitchen

A friend made this meal for us last fall and we have become obsessed ever since! At first, I struggled to find sirloin tip pork roast, but found Costco sales a 4 pack for crazy cheap! Usually a little over $3 per roast! So yummy, easy and affordable. I only do about 1/3 of the salt that it calls for. We also pair it with this dijon cream sauce.

Spinach Stuffed Chicken, adapted from Cafe Delites

Source; Cafe Delites

This meal has been on our rotation for quite some time. It is so easy and always so yummy! We often leave out the artichokes as they do have about 5-6 carbs and I don't always have them on hand. You can really add lots of things into this meal. In the past, we have added mushrooms and sundried tomatoes which all were really yummy. I always top my chicken with grated parmesan cheese and a dash of paprika. It gives the chicken the yummiest crispy "crust"!

Bacon and Mushroom Smothered Pork Chops, from Julia's Album

easy smothered pork chops, mushrooms and bacon
Source; Julia's Album

In the past, whenever I cooked pork chops, I just wasn't much of a fan of how they turned out. But when hunting for keto recipes, and really who can say no to bacon and mushrooms? These are so yummy!! I love having excellent meals using cheaper cuts of meat! And I love one pan cooking!

Texas Pete Salad, from us!

This is a recipe Bear actually came up with years ago! We love making spicy Texas Pete Pizza (working on the perfect keto recipe of that to share soon!) Looking for a healthier, but just as flavorful version of the meal, this is what Bear came up with! For following the keto diet just drop the corn and black beans and add avocado for more fat!

As I have said, I am no expert with this diet and am only starting this journey myself! But hope you enjoy this meals to add to your rotation. I have lots more that I have created myself that I will be sharing soon! (Like the most simple but incredible keto busicits and gravy! Oh just you wait!!) Please share with me below some of your favorites go to meals!

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