Lunar Eclipse ~ January 2019

 For the lunar eclipse, or officially known as the Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse, we decided to book a small camping trip for the night. We live pretty close to Government Canyon State Natural Area on the edge of San Antonio. We have hiked the trails there a number of times but have never camped. We really enjoyed it and look forward to utilizing the park more! If you have never been I would highly recommend checking it out!

I love this tent of ours! I bought it for Dave as an anniversary gift a few years back and we have put it to good use. It is so incredibly easy to set up and tear down. Highly recommend if you are in the market for a new tent!

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent – 4 Person Camping TentKelty Grand Mesa Tent – 4 Person Camping TentK

Love my boys!

For Christmas I bought Dave a dutch oven and camp fire grill and we were so excited to try it out for the first time. Dave always makes the yummiest food over the campfire!

Lodge L8DD3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven 5 qt

I didn't get great pictures of the final dish, but we made a chicken and bacon stew that was so yummy!

Texsport Heavy Duty Camp 24" X 16" Grill

As the sun began to set, the moon was so bright! I wish I had a better lens to capture it, but I still like these shots I managed to get.

No filter! Amazing sunset!
Just before the eclipse began the moon was so bright! Walking around camp we didn't even need a flash light!
The best shot I managed to get of the moon during the full eclipse. Cool to see how many starts I managed to capture!

It was a really cold night and after a couple hours of violent shivering in the tent we actually ended up sleeping the rest of the night in the car, hahaha, but it was still a fun time! Looking forward to more camping before it gets too hot!